Annotating the NY Post on Flickr.

More so than any news organization, Rupert Murdoch’s News Corporation has been scrutinized by Occupy Wall Street. At Zuccotti Park, talk and text about/against Fox News and the New York Post has been ubiquitous.

This article, which was annotated by a protester, wasn’t an op-ed but there really isn’t any straight journalism in the New York Post. It is a “tabloid,” and it owns up to the fact that its reporting is intended to take down OWS. The Post applauded themselves after destruction of the OWS encampment at Zuccotti.

This particular story was not especially biased, but the headline about “hard-core planners” does try to push the idea that the movement is not grassroots and not made of regular people. The right wing media have managed to make “community organizer” into a negative slur, as Obama experienced during his campaign. However, as the 2008 election showed, most people don’t have a problem with community organizers.

This is all part of a general smearing of groups like ACORN which try to help regular people pool their resources.

"New York’s Marxist Epicenter" on Flickr.

Someone at Zuccotti had pasted this New York Post op-ed page to their tent.

This may have been the most disgraceful display from the News Corporation throughout the whole run of OWS.

The article over on the right side of the page is too maddening to summarize or link to but the author is Alana Goodman if you want to look it up. Kalle Lasn, founder of AdBuster, probably expects this kind of stuff from the New York Post, but a New York Times pundit named David Brooks wrote a similar piece. Lasn is furious about the Brooks article is negotiating with the New York Times about how he can respond to Brooks’ slander.

The article up top — We’re paying the Bill” — is by a Republican politician from New York.

The "Marxist Epicenter" article represents a staple from the redbaiting playbook.

When I walked up to the park this morning, I noticed a sign that said "Hey Bloomberg and Murdoch: ‘Enough’. Boycott the New York Post.." Another similar sign was hanging a few days ago. 

This reference on the sign to “Enough” is a reference to the front page cover story in the New York Post a few days ago that said "Enough!" and pointed to an editorial asking Bloomberg to clear the park in order to maintain the dignity of the city. That cover is taped up in the OWS library. In sports, this is called "bulletin-board material": teams post the trash talk of the opposing team in order to get energized.

These calls for boycott of NYPost echo the mocking of Fox News that have been common in the park, from the guy with the fake Fox News camera, to the “instructor” who will teach you how to talk like Fox News. The connecting thread is Rupert Murdoch, who also owns the Wall Street Journal, which OWS has also riffed on, with the creation of the Occupy Wall Street Journal.

At the desk, I heard a visitor asking why a boycott would be a good idea. The info desk guy said the Post had been slandering them constantly. “How about the other coverage?” the visitor asked. “The Daily News hasn’t been bad. They had something fair in there recently. The New York Times, which is supposed to be the ‘paper of record,’ initially made us out to be dirty hippies. But they have changed their tune.”

November 10th

The last time I heard about a New York Times boycott was when Middle Eastern corner shop owners stopped selling the Post after 9/11 because of the poor depictions of people of Middle Eastern descent. My corner store guys from Yemen didn’t participate. “If people give me money for the New York Post, I’ll sell it to them. I don’t care.”