CFP for Occupied Wall Street Journal on Flickr.

The Occupies Wall Street Journal is obviously a riff on the famous newspaper The Wall Street Journal, which was taken over by The News Corporation within the last 5 or so years. Rupert Murdoch insisted that the reporting would not change because he was running the show, but many have insisted that the coverage is much worse and much more slanted. My brother agrees.

The Occupied Wall Street Journal is one of the methods for disseminating news and opinion from the point of view of the protesters. As Norman Fairclough has pointed out, it is not enough for oppositional rhetoric to exist. The alternative discourse must circulate in order to have any effect. OWS Journal as well as and wbai (the radio station for the 99percent) are some of the ways that OWS rhetoric can gain circulation and thereby recruit the rest of the 99 percent who may have been made sceptical of the movement by propaganda from the mainstream news and News Corporation.

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