owsnyc (@owsnycLIVE)
1/11/12 10:12 AM
We will be live at rally in NYC today at 5PM at Nigerian Consulate (44th & 2nd Ave)

Jürgen Wilfrd Linder (@Wriseup)
1/11/12 9:01 AM
@OpWallStreet - Don’t ask for what’s OURS :)

/ News (@OpWallStreet)
1/11/12 8:58 AM
Im still not understanding the request that make “demands”. is a movement not a slew of hostage takers.

1/11/12 1:31 AM
MT @ows_live: just announced that people are not allowed to SIT in the park or they will be arrested. (owsnyc.tv)

Cornel West (@CornelWest)
1/10/12 9:40 PM
Republica gets “occupied.” Watch my conversation with @MartinBashir earlier today on @MSNBC: ow.ly/8p5po

Folks have made the point that people who use the block repeatedly in one evening, and then return the next evening, are abusing that protocol, which is meant to be used when someone wants to say “I would have to seriously consider leaving this movement if this particular proposal was consensed upon.”

If the group overrides the block, and the person who blocked just continues on in the movement as if nothing happened, then the question arises: “Why didn’t this person seriously consider leaving the movement, as they suggested they would when they used the block?”

This appears to be a case of people repurposing a protocol for their own purposes. The block protocol does not mean the same thing to them as it does to the rest of the community. Some argue that this repurposing is in violation of the “Principles of Solidarity,” but I’m not sure exactly how. The Principles of Solidarity state

Through a direct democratic process, we have come together as individuals and crafted these principles of solidarity, which are points of unity that include but are not limited to:

  • Engaging in direct and transparent participatory democracy;
  • Exercising personal and collective responsibility;
  • Recognizing individuals’ inherent privilege and the influence it has on all interactions;
  • Empowering one another against all forms of oppression;
  • Redefining how labor is valued;
  • The sanctity of individual privacy;
  • The belief that education is human right; and
  • Endeavoring to practice and support wide application of open source.

We are daring to imagine a new socio-political and economic alternative that offers greater possibility of equality.

American Exceptionalism Exceptions on Flickr.

Via Flickr:

Both Free Software and Occupy conceptualize themselves as being made publicly and as freely available to all

OWS gives outsiders and insiders the ability to modify the means of Occupy’s existence.

LibertySq GA (@LibertySqGA)
1/8/12 7:38 PM
Stairs: I count 12 who are against. Modified consensus has not been reached, therefore Jeff must step down.

LibertySq GA (@LibertySqGA)
1/8/12 7:33 PM
Jeff is trying to assert that he gets to respond to concerns. [Convention is that if facilitators are objected to, they step down w/o this.]

OccupyFederalWorkers (@OccupyFeds)
1/7/12 12:36 PM
@OWS_Live corporate politicians murdered our rights long ago via coerced silence. We won’t b mute anymore. Expect Us.

1/7/12 11:49 AM
Why r our leaders doing these things in OUR name? They should wear NASCAR suits w/ their corp sponsors names on them.